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About the person, session and everything you should know

“There is no one as straightforward as you! That is you!" Quotes like this still dance in my ears to this day as if it were just yesterday and it feels like a calm pendulum in its balance. Classic & empathetic, warm & definitely, truly The Dark Feminine.

About me

Even as a small child, I was fascinated by heavy fabrics like leather and velvet, as well as everything that flows like silk and rhythms. I was walking through our garden wearing boots, a leather jacket, skulls and chains; These and many other accompanying influences became apparent very early on.

At the age of 14, friends said: “You’ll be a soldier or a dominatrix when you grow up!” and at the age of 16 I cried when I had to leave the London Dungeon after staying longer than usual: “There is a black soul in you, you are the devil!” it said directly.


And today? Oh yeah! I love being able to express myself with all the colors and facets that have been given to me. To give my personality, my inner team, space and to be able to develop.


Arrived, humorous, detailed and authentic; Thanks to this stability, I can safely guide you through our time together.

Come with me, you'll like it! Will you regret it? I don't believe!


Nothing in the world is stronger than an idea whose time has come!


See It All


The session 

It is an erotic, bizarre service in which my satisfaction lies exclusively in awakening the mind.  I'm not interested in the physical in my direction,  But I'm always happy about an extensive foot massage.

But in yours! You are my guest and I love using you to satisfy my reaction fetishism and voyeurism. Your well-being is important to me, you can let yourself fall, I'll catch you.

Thanks to my psychological and sociological training, sales and team management as well as years of experience and training in the sports world, you are in the best hands to be optimally supported and challenged.

You grow old like a house and never stop learning!


Regardless of whether it is the rider in me who still has a heart for dressage and military, the dancing entertainer or the dynamic fighter who ignites your passion, we will find out together what suits you. Role-playing games are welcome, but I'm not a fan of scripts.

At one's self and calm, like the calm of the sea, tantric BDSM sessions are just as popular as working with the subconscious through hypnosis.


For me, being able to communicate and live out your sexuality is a feeling of freedom that I would like to pass on to you.

Humans are sexual, natural beings who cannot ignore their basic needs (hunger, thirst, sleep, sexuality)!

In the bizarre world of kinks and fetishes, I give you the space for your fantasies and desires that you don't want to tell anyone else in order to make them reality.

In personal development, which is becoming more and more important, my work as a holistic sexual counselor is also an important factor in being able to respond optimally to you.


Be sure: everyone does it, only very few people talk about it openly!

But we need to do more of that. Relaxed, communicative and together!

Courage is the beginning of all wonderful worlds!

Preferences & Taboos


Training                                           An*l treatments

Adult baby raising

Pleasant for beginners

Breath control

Usage games



Nipple treatments





Dirty games



English education

Facesitting covered


Fetish games




Foot and shoe eroticism

Community education

Rubber and latex



Whore training

High heels fetish

Clamps, gags and masks

varnish and leather

Long-term ore. active

Military drill

Nylons/Stockings Erotic.

Pet play


Shaving/penalty shaving

Equestrian games


Sexual advice

Boots eroticism


Verbal humiliation

Verbal eroticism

Interrogation games




Force feeding

Gynecological chair treatments


more on request



Intimate contact of any kind


Clinic medical

Animals, minors and mentally disabled people


Age 36

Confection 36

Shoe size 36

Height 1.60m

Zodiac sign Virgo, ascendant Libra, descendant Pisces

Body art available

Clothing style sporty-elegant, business-casual

Academic degree Bachelor of Arts

Languages German, English, Polish (not during the session), Latin

Favorite flowers white, yellow, black and red roses, sunflowers

Music style Classical & Jazz, Instrumental & House, German Rap & skirt

How do I get an appointment?

Where can I
They visit
come ? 

What is the slave protocol?

How much does a session cost and amount of the tribute?

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

How long does a session last?

Do you offer cuckolding or touchability?

How does a session work?

Can I become your serf, chauffeur, house slave or similar?

Further information about calling or texting numbers that are not visible or chatting on social media.


Contact is preferably made via WhatsApp(0151- 26145862), whereby you answer the automatic message after initial contact so that I know whether you are an interested guest and whether you have dealt with me personally and the services in advance.Also via a possibility. The message will include your wishes and experiences, suggested dates, how you would like to pay your deposit and the length of the session you would like to book. It is also important to know in which city/location they are advertised you would like to visit me. I cannot be reached via other options such as Telegram and SMS, chatting on social media is undesirable and will not be answered. Afterwards we discuss what is important for a meeting and the rest takes place in the preliminary discussion. Appointments on the same day are only possible in rare cases, so a timely request is helpful.

My base, where you can meet me on a fixed date, is in the beautiful heart of the country, in Kassel in northern Hesse. You can find further tour dates in other cities either here or via my social media accounts. I work exclusively in the studio, requests for hotel and outdoor sessions as well as home visits are not expected.

Regardless of whether you are a guest, a masochist or a slave, I expect impeccable manners from you: your submission, your loyalty, your will, your obedience, your respect and honoring the Mistress.

Prices will be communicated upon request. These depend on the duration, content and planned materials.

I am very pleased that my Wishtender and Amazon lists have been taken into account. This allows you to gain favor and attention from me, but does not authorize you to take up my free time outside of sessions.

A reasonable down payment is no longer unusual in this professional service, comparable to those outside this field. It shows me that your request and interest are serious, that you actually intend to book my time and the studio and that you will do so. In the event of cancellation or no-show, it will slightly compensate for my financial loss. Deposits will not be refunded, but can be credited towards a follow-up appointment within the following four weeks if you are not at fault and proven to be at fault and provide timely notification, 24 hours in advance. It also serves to distinguish you from a time waster who just wants to unnecessarily block me, colleagues, other interested parties and the location.

The minimum booking duration is one hour, preferably two hours, but preferably longer. In rare cases, not in Kassel, shorter sessions of just 30 minutes are possible. It is important to know what you want to experience and how much financial leeway you have if you have specific requests.

As a classic dominatrix, I am not interested in sexual content. This applies to cuckolding, nude sessions and also touching in my direction. If you prefer this, wonderful bizarre ladies and switchers are available with their services.

In my base it is possible to hire a maid at short notice for an additional charge. However, as long as the two of us don't know each other, I don't recommend this for the first session together. Planned appointments for three people are only desirable if they are known and have paid a deposit. 

The session hours are as individual as each person. Basically, it is important to me to have a preliminary discussion before the start. Not on the phone or chat. The framework in which we will move, the safe words, taboos and other questions will be clarified. You can use the shower afterwards and I'll pick you up and we'll start the game. Aftercare is essential afterwards, where I can catch you again and we can talk about what we experienced and what else is needed. I would of course be happy about an entry here in my guestbook (to follow) afterwards and this shows me that even after it was finished you could still feel my passion for BDSM as a lifestyle.

My guests are primarily men, but I also like to play with women and people of all orientations. For me, people are simply people, regardless of gender, classifications or status. Even beginners and inexperienced people are always welcome guests and are introduced to the black world carefully and appropriately. However, based on all the text here and opportunities for information, they shouldn't behave like the first humans.

No. I am an absolutely private person and separate my private and professional life, although I don't hide my natural dominance and don't have to play it. I'm also not interested in new friendships or anything like that. The people who enrich my environment have been chosen with finesse and cannot be expanded upon request, and certainly not replaced!

No, don't even ask. My free time doing private activities cannot be bought. Since I do not advertise this service anywhere, I expect that my decision will be respected. If necessary, asking questions, even several times, shows me that respect and observance of the slave protocol are not given and also that my boundaries are not being adhered to in advance.

Real sessions are my personal hobbyhorse, the realism and truth in the absolute game are my incentive. This does not work for telephone training and online sessions and is therefore not offered. To do this, contact colleagues who list this as a service in their advertisements.

Numbers that are set to private are automatically blocked. Secrets are bad things. SMS and chatting via various portals is also not possible. Reactions, letters, contact are not taken into account. Sufficient information is provided about the desired options and these must be used. In this day and age, justifications of any kind can no longer be taken seriously and are more likely to be seen as excuses.

Who is the service aimed at?

Do you offer escort services, vacations, dinners, etc.?

Do you offer online education etc.?

Danke für deine Nachicht !

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